Welcome to my life

Name: Mohd Hanifah
Occupation: Lecturer (Neo Art Institute), Digital Illustrator (My Iman Technologies), Graphic designer (Corus Hotel KL), Publishing Coordinator (Endona Corporation), Lecturer (SG Academy)
Education: Bachelor Degree of Art and Design, Uitm.
D.O.B: 14 April 1986
From: Johor
Current City: Kuala Lumpur.



I've started writing blogs in around 4 years ago, and then i left it there because of the development of facebook where people doesn't really need blogs and websites anymore.
So, here I am. 4 years had gone, many things happen. finished my degree, left all alone by my beloved girlfriend, got a job as a lecturer for about half year, and right now while i'm writing this article, I am once more a lecturer, but in new college.

i don't know what will happen next, but i'm sure i will survive.  "life is not about how you avoid obstacles, it's about how you manage to face it".

Here in this blog, I will share anything that I think relevant to be shared.
Hope you guys like my blog. :-)